Twin distribution



The metering box is made from cast aluminium. Year after year the metering will always be just as accurate and this no matter the variations in temperature.




The stainless steel discs 1,5 mm thick are very rigid. The agitator, fixed on to the disc stiffens the unit. The changing of the discs is easily made without tools. A complete range of discs for all precision seeds is available.



The wear gasket in Teflon is in permanent contact with the disc. It ensures the sealing of the disc and it is interchangeable.



The brass scraper avoids doubles. A spring on the metering box cover maintains the selector perfectly in place against the disc for optimal selection, even with small seeds.


The distribution system is easily accessible, for both adjustments and control. A large transparent window allows for control of the selection after the selector.



The cover in alloy is specially designed for planting with a minimum of seeds.




The new emptying trapdoor offers easier operating. Open the trapdoor and it stays open enabling, with the emptying auger supplied as standard equipment, an even easier and more efficient emptying.


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