NC Metering Units

1.Heavy Duty parallel Linkage
The heavy-duty parallel linkage with its long travel is mounted on replaceable metallic bushes.The parallel linkage ready designed to be equipped with the electromagnetic or mechanical row cut-off system.

2.Down Pressure Spring
Double down pressure springs. (An additional adjustable spring is optional).

3.Safety Clutch

Safety system with audible safety clutch is standard.



4.Clod Remover
The essential clod remover adjustable in height is delivered as standard on the NC Technic Maize-Sunflower metering units


5.Maize Shoe - Maize shoe with interchangeable tip

Standard plastic hopper - high 
capacity 40 litres (20-litre hopper on option).


7.Depth Control
Very easy and accurate adjustment of the planting depth using a crank with depth scale.



8.Rear Press Wheels
The NC Classic offers the choice of three types of rear wheels mounted on ball bearings





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