Metering Units NG Plus 4


The heavy-duty parallel linkage with a large travel is mounted on interchangeable bushings. Two springs stabilize the metering unit.

2.Safety Clutch
Each metering unit is equipped with an audible safety clutch system with automatic clutching for optimal protection of the metering system.


3.Clod Remover bracket
The adjustment of the clod removers is precise (12 positions) and rapid due to the adjustment system with locking pins.
In order to suit different planting conditions, the clod removers are rapidly interchangeable with the trash wheels and this with no tool.

4.Double Discs
The planting system is made up of two large diameter discs (380 mm) mounted on sealed ball bearings. Together with the inner shoe, this system ensures a constant depth control and planting quality no matter what the planting conditions.


5.Gauge Wheels
Large depth gauge wheels (110 mm) ensure an efficient and uniform depth control.
Resting on the ground directly in line with the seed drop ensures the unmatched depth consistency that makes the reputation of the NG Plus.
The independent gauge wheels are mounted on an equalizing rocker bar which ensures uniform depth control even when one wheel encounters an obstacle (eg: stones).

6.Gauge Wheel Arms
The bracket arms of the gauge wheels are assembled on interchangeable bushes. They are helically fluted for a good grease distribution.
Scrapers are standard assembly on the gauge wheels.


7.Open Rear Press Wheel Unit
The new open rear press wheel unit gives better clearance in sticky conditions.
The new off-set adjustments and the spacing of the 2 press wheels enable optimal furrow closing no matter what the conditions (stones, trash, hard soil, …).


8.Depth Adjustment
The depth adjustment is easily made using a hand wheel. This type of adjustment ensures a great control precision of the planting depth even for small seeds at a shallow depth.


The hopper in high resistance, transparent plastic has a capacity of 52 litres.
The cover locks so will not close during filling, even in windy conditions.


10.Front Facing
The front facing of the metering unit integrates the passage of the vacuum hose and the seed monitor and signal kit cables


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