Vegetable Cultivator Accessories


    Extra-strong unit only                Light unit only             Complete extra strong unit            Complete extra-light unit
              (no tool)                             (no tools)                             (C3 55-80)                                        (V1 35)
                                                                                                  (25cm shovel)                                 (25cm shovel)



   Complete light hoe unit       Complete extra-stong unit        Complete light               Complete extra-strong unit
   (with tool, 5 rigid tines)                 (C1L 55-80)                      swinging arm                          (DF5 55-80)
                                                 (30cm shovel and maize                                                        (Rigid shanks)
                                                      Lelievre blades)



     Complete light unit                  Complete extra-strong           Light tool carrier                Front mounting equipment
             (V1L 40-60)                            swinging arm                              
 (20cm shovel and sugarbeat
         Lelievre blades)  



     Shovel with bracket           Duckfoot with bracket        Rigid shank with bracket                 Bedder with bracket



 Lelievre bladewith bracket      Planet shovel with bracket                   Cross part                        Cross part spacer
               (the pair)                    Planet shovel with cheek                      



           SC Toolbar                                     Reinforcing clamp for                            Steering sytem
(for blade and shovel assembly)                    cross part                                    (Seat and wheels)


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