Row cut-off management by GPS

New technologies, such as the row cut-off system, using GPS, may be of interest for new or in service planter users. MONOSEM have developed a system compatible with its NG Plus, MECA, NX and NC planters in service.

On the planters with mechanic or hydraulic drive, the system is made up of an electromagnetic declutching mounted on each metering unit and an ECU placed on the planter. In the tractor cab, the ISOBUS terminal (CS8000, CS8000 Touch, or the tractor’s one if it is compatible), linked to a GPS antenna, gives the information to the planter by a BUS CAN network. The system automatically manages the row cut-offs for the planter the moment the planter passes over a zone already planted or just before a headland. Cross-overs are thus limited and this means economies in seeds and working comfort.

Already operational, this technology will be available in limited quantity for 2015 planting.


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