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The NC Experience
The fruit of the MONOSEM expertise, the NC is a multi-purpose pneumatic planter with shoes. This planter replaces the NG and PNU planters using the shoe planting system which has already been extensively proven in the field of traditional planting. The NC planter is manufactured in two versions : the NC Classic and the NC Technic.

NC Classic
The NC Classic is a simple and robust metering unit offering an excellent value for money. The depth adjustment is carried out very simply with a fully variable turnbuckle regulating the height of the rear wheel. The NC Classic is mainly designed for drilling maize and sunflower. It offers the choice of three types of rear wheels: Steel V-wheels, 370 x 170 Farmflex and 500 x 175 Farmflex.
It can be equipped optionally with double-disc openers, scrapers, additional adjustable spring, seed monitors and mechanical or electromagnetic row cut-off system.

NC Technic
The NC Technic is a multi-purpose planter with share for Maize, Sunflower, Bean, Sugar beet, Soya, Peanut, Rapeseed,... The NC Technic is equipped with a rear V self-cleaning Farmflex wheels and a fast depth adjustment system by lever.

The NC Technic is designed with a modular concept and can be optionally fitted with a patented tandem system. This system allows with a simple adjustment, changing from the front wheel depth control to the tandem depth control or even rear wheel depth control according to the operators choice and soil conditions.
In fact, the NC Technic offers three possibilities of depth control: rear wheels, front wheel or tandem system.
The NC Technic also offers a large range of options: double-disc openers, front gauge depth wheels, maize shoe, sugarbeet shoe, intermediate steel wheel, scrapers, additional pressure adjustable spring, seed monitors and mechanical or electromagnetic row cut-off system...


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