Standard fertilizer attachments, high capacity hoppers or front mounted hopper, choose the system the best
suited to your planting.


Standard Hoppers

Standard plastic hoppers are available in three sizes.
85 L hopper, 1 outlet
175 L hopper, 2 or 3 outlets
270 L hopper, 3 outlets
They can assembled on rigid, telescopic and folding frames.

950 L High Capasity Hopper

The 950 L high capacity hopper in sheet metal is available for assembly
on  the 6-row telescopic planters. With the double telescopic frames,
the width on the road is under 3m.
The outer rows are air driven. The hopper is equipped with control
windows for checking the fertilizer level from the tractor cab. Loading
is made with either 500kg bags or with the hydraulically driven
loading auger.

High Capasity Hopers

The high capacity hoppers in sheet metal are available with the planters 
with rigid double bar frames.   The capacities of 700 L and 1000 L enable
an easy loading of 500kg bags.



Front Mounted Hopper

The front mounted MONOSEM hopper has been specially designed for
fertilizer applications.The sturdy frame with integrated cradle, the 100%
stainless steel distribution unit and driven by a land wheel with integrated
gearbox indicate the care that is applied to manufacture.

The hopper is available with capacities of 1000 L or 1600 L, the turbofan
being driven by PTO or hydraulic motor. The unit can be assembled on the NG Plus 4, 6 and 8-row planters with rigid, telescopic or folding frames. The front mounted hopper is multi-purpose and can be mounted on a SUPER CROP cultivator for fertilizing whilst cultivating.  User Manual Download

Fertilizer Applicators

According to the soils and their preparation, the applicators are with knives
or discs depending on the models.



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