NG Plus 4 Accessories

An adjustable, extra pressure spring can be added for planting in hard or trashy soils (assembly according to frame).


The special shoe «Long tip, short wings» is specially designed for planting in dry soils and for small seeds.



The 1" wheels (instead of 2") are available on option for improved pressing on hard ground and / or low till conditions.


Smooth or rippled, the circular coulter improves the furrow opening and produces fine soil for low till planting and / or in trashy soils.



For planting with reduced inter row spacings, narrow 5 cm gauge wheels are available.


The rear press wheel unit with discs improves the furrow closing in clay soils (incompatible with the PRO wheel).



Trash wheels can be assembled in replacement of clod removers for planting in trashy soils.



The clod removers on flexible bracket are recommended for planting in stony soils.



The 16-litre hopper is specially designed for planting small seeds at reduced inter row spacings (sugarbeet, rapeseed,…).



The large PRO wheel with a large diameter (295 mm) offers high quality pressing and excellent seed placement.


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