NG Plus 4 Pro-Wheel

" The professional touch "

• Improved plant emergence
• Optimal germination
• Better seed placement quality


1.Large Diameter Press Wheel
The large PRO wheel with a large diameter (295 mm) offers high quality pressing and excellent seed placement.

2.Combined Adjustment
The packing down pressure of the PRO wheel is adjustable. It is combined with the pressure adjustment of the rear packing unit.


3.Intergrated Hooking Up System
When the conditions are not suitable for the use of the PRO wheel, it can be very quickly retracted. Just lift the PRO wheel up by hand and lower the lock with the other. And the wheel is no longer in contact with the ground.



4.Stainless Steel Wheel
The PRO wheel in aluminium has a stainless steel coating and a Greenflex scraper.




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