MS Planter Accessories

Given the variety and complexity of the various options, we would advise you to consult us in order to define
compatible equipment.


Stainless steel rear press        Concave rear wheel without             Front of rear flat, steel          Flat steel wheel 250x170
wheel 210 x 100 for                    tyre for version A & B                    wheel 250 x 100 for                    for version D
versions A & C                               (with scraper)                          A & C (with scraper)                  (with scraper)



Self-cleaning rubber tyre            Rear cage wheel without          Rubber wheel for rear cage          Rear rubber self-cleaning
for concave rear press             tyre for versions A, C and D             wheel 250 x 120 for                        press wheel          wheel                                            (with scrapper)                         versions A & C



Stainless steel intermediate       Intermediate self-cleaning          Without hopper extension             Hopper extension 1.5 litres
    wheel 29mm wide                   press wheel only for                for versions A, B, C and D                   and 3 litre hopper for
      (with scrapper)                        versions A & C                        (reduced capacity)                        versions A, B, C and D
                                                                                                                                                       (with cover)



 Standard narrow shoe V                 Narrow half pointed shoe                Narrow shoe with rounded       5 cm spacing shoe
   pointed bottom for                           for version A                                 tip for version A                  (instead of 7 cm)
        A, B and D                                                                                                                                for version C



 Spreader shoe with wide               Speader shoe with wide              Relief spring for supple         Pairs of scrappers for versions
press wheel for sowing on              press wheel for sowing                  soils for versions                               A and C
67mm beds for versions A & C         on 100m beds for version                   A, B, C & D                   (standard on the metering unit)
       (with scrapper)                          C (with scrapper)                          



Electronic hectare Counter
         for MS drill



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