Meca V4 Accessories

Rear Unit

  Rear V-wheel            Rear concave                  Crumblers for               Self-cleaning            Cover plate

unit with fingers            wheel unit                     reat unit (V or            tyre for concave          for cast iron
                                 with scraper                   concave wheel                   wheel                 concave wheel



Balancing mode                         Lateral scraper            Intermediate press wheel


Accessory for planting                              Lateral scraper for                           Intermediate press wheel
  in balancing mode                             improving furrow closing                        with self-cleaning wheel


      Seed discs                Additional spring


  Discs (pelleted sugarbeet                   Additional adjustable
           and chicory                                     spring kit


 Hydraulic lift

  Hydraulic lift on
integrated transport
   carriage TIP 5"



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