Meca V4 Metering Units

MECA V4 Front gauge wheel (Standard)

1.Heavy-duty parallel linkage
The heavy-duty parallel linkage is mounted on interchangeable bushings.
The parallel linkage is designed to be equipped with an electrical row cut-off system.
Locking pawl for unit in a raised position

2.Depth control
High precision and easy to use depth control using the notched lever (5 mm at a time).

3.Front wheel

Front self-cleaning 260x100 wheel mounted on ball bearings.
Adjustable narrow clod remover.


4.Adjustable intermediate wheel
The independent intermediate stainless steel press wheel is equipped by a Greenflex scraper. The intermediate press wheel is equipped with an adjustable pressure spring. It is thus easy to adjust the pressure on the seed






6. Rear V-wheels
The rear V-wheels are assembled on reinforced bearings.  40mm wide, their spacing can be adjusted. (Concave wheel or finger wheel available on option).
The pressure of rear press wheel unit can be adjusted independently from the metering unit in order to distribute the weight.  (Except with the balancing mode).


7.Total emptying
Minimum reserve of seed and total emptying by trap door.


Heavy-duty plastic hopper with 8 litre capacity


   MECA V4 Balancing system        MECA V4 Double discs              MECA V4 Double discs &
                                                                                                balancing system



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