Metering Unit


Like all good suspensions, the Monoshox®.EU combines pressure springs with a shock absorber specially designed for using on a planting unit. Thus, when working the two pressure springs retain the planting unit on the ground and the suspension with shock absorber absorbs the shocks. The precision and the regularity of the planting depth remain optimal.



The new parallelogram for the Monoshox® NG Plus M metering units is equipped with two adjustable pressure springs to rapidly suit the planting conditions. These two springs offer more pressure, retaining the planting unit on the ground and thus guaranteeing a greater stability of the unit.


The patented quick-change system of the tip means you keep a tip forming a true V-shaped furrow and to match up quickly with different planting conditions.



The Monoshox® NG Plus M unit is equipped with a rear press wheel unit that can be adjusted using levers. The right hand lever enables a rapid and accurate adjustment of the rear press wheel pressure. The left hand lever enables the adjustment of the angle of the wheels to rapidly suit the planting conditions.


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