Monoshox NX M Metering Units















1.Safety Clutch
Each metering unit is equipped with an audible safety clutch system with automatic clutching for optimal protection of the metering system.


2.Wide and Short parallelogram
The wide and short parallelogram ensures an excellent stability both vertically and laterally of the metering unit which follows the ground contours perfectly. The wide unit head for fixing on to the 7” TOP frame is also specific to the NX. It enables an extremely rigid metering unit-frame assembly. The shafts are assembled on self-lubricating bushes for a longer life.

3.Double pressure springs, rapidly adjusted
The large diameter double springs ensure a high depth control pressure, guaranteeing unit stability and regular depth in all conditions. They enable the transfer of the frame weight on to the metering units.
These pressure springs are adjustable so as to suit all planting conditions..

4.Monoshox®.EU Suspension with shock absorber

The Monoshox®.EU. like all good suspensions combines pressure springs with a shock absorber specially designed for using on a planting unit.

Thus, when working the two pressure springs retain the planting unit on the ground and the suspension with shock absorber absorbs the shocks. The precision and the regularity of the planting depth remain optimal.


5.Wide clearance for a wide choice of accessories

The front part of the metering unit offers a wide clearance so enabling the use of a wide range of accessories for low-till planting. The trash wheels and circular coulter combination is delivered as standard equipment on NX units (according to the country).



6.Double discs
The planting system is made up of two large diameter discs (380 mm) mounted on sealed ball bearings.



7.Gauge wheels
Large depth gauge wheels (110 mm) ensure an efficient and uniform depth control. Resting on the ground directly in line with the seed drop ensures the unmatched depth consistency.
The independent gauge wheels are mounted on an equalizing rocker bar which ensures uniform depth control even when one wheel encounters an obstacle (eg: stones).


8.Gauge wheel arms
The bracket arms of the gauge wheels are assembled on interchangeable bushes. They are helically fluted for a good grease distribution.
Scrapers are standard assembly on the gauge wheels.



9.PRO Wheel (Option)
The PRO wheel in cast iron has a stainless steel coating and a plastic scraper. Wide diameter (295mm), it keeps its shape and offers a quality pressing and a better seed placement.



The Monoshox® NX M unit is equipped with a rear press wheel unit that can be adjusted using levers (Equipment according to the country).

11.Depth adjustment

The depth adjustment is easily made using a hand wheel. This type of adjustment ensures a greater control precision of the planting depth even for small seeds at a shallow depth.

The depth adjustment index is visible straight away from the rear. It is weather-proof.



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